Jonny Gammage Memorial Scholarship

The Jonny Gammage Memorial scholarship is named for Jonny Gammage, a Black businessman, and philanthropist who died from positional asphyxiation at the hands of white police during a “routine” traffic stop in 1995. This incident and the “not guilty” verdicts in court cases against the police inspired the founding of the Black and White Reunion, the Summit Against Racism and the Jonny Gammage Memorial Scholarship.

The scholarship is awarded to law students to encourage a path of lawyering for social justice.  Funds for the scholarship are provided by donations and from registration fees for the Summit Against Racism.

To be eligible, the applicant must be a law student in a local law school, must be a person of color, and must provide a resume along with the response to the scholarship question.

Submit applications to:

The deadline for the 2016 Jonny Gammage Scholarship is March 31, 2017.

To view this year’s question and see previous winners visit the Jonny Gammage Scholarship page for more information.


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