Jonny Gammage Scholarship

The scholarship is named for Jonny Gammage, a Black businessman and philanthropist who died from positional asphyxiation at the hands of white police during a “routine” traffic stop in 1995. This incident, and the “not guilty” verdicts in court cases against the police, inspired the founding of the Black and White Reunion, the Summit Against Racism and the Scholarship. This year we are expanding our scholarship to include a Jonny Gammage Fellowship.

The Jonny Gammage Memorial Scholarship is awarded to law students to encourage a path of lawyering for social justice. Students from Pitt and Duquesne law school can submit essays arguing for the victim in a non fictional incident that involve excessive police force that was questionable. In the incidents presented the person the police where trying to apprehend died.

The applicant must be entering or continuing their Law education at the Pittsburgh area’s two law schools, University of Pittsburgh and Duquesne University, the applicant must be a person of color, and the applicant must provide a resume along with the response to the scholarship question. 

You can find the 2016 Scholarship Question here. The deadline for the 2016 Jonny Gammage Scholarship is April 15, 2016, midnight EST.

Submit applications to:


2015 Jonny Gammage Scholarship Winners

We had three winners that each received $3,000. 2,500 from Black & White Reunion and then matching grants of $500 a piece from NEED.

Camille Raquel Davidson

Christopher Byron Shook


2014 Jonny Gammage Scholarship Winner

Omar Arzu, a 1st year law student at Pitt, was the winner of last year’s scholarship and was awarded $3,000. Check out the winning essay here.

2013 Jonny Gammage Scholarship Winners

Kaasha Benjamin and Todd Hightower won the scholarship in 2013. They were each awarded 3,000.

Kaasha Benjamin

Todd Hightower

2012 Jonny Gammage Scholarship Winner

Chris Carter